What I Ate Wednesday #14

What I Ate Wednesday #14

What I Ate Wednesday #14

Happy Wednesday! We have reached the middle of the week already! I don’t know about you, but I feel like this week is flying by! I went out and bought my fall scented candles yesterday like I said I would! πŸ™‚ I can’t even describe to you how happy that made me! Between the yummy chocolate recipe I had baking in the oven and the pumpkin spice candles burning, the house smelled amazing! (Yes, I was hinting that there is a chocolate recipe on the horizon!) But not only did the house smell nice, the weather outside was crisp and when I walked outside yesterday morning, there was a hint of fall in the air! I can feel apple picking getting closer and closer! And boy, do I have some awesome fall recipes to share with you!

But, until then we are going to talk about the yummy food that I ate yesterday for today’s W.I.A.W post! It may seem like a lot of meals/food, but remember, I am gearing up for my marathon in only a few short weeks (Sept 30th). So, if you follow me on instagram then you read last week how I slowly increase my carbs beginning a few weeks before race day instead of just carb loading a few days before. This way my body has time to slowly adjust. I try to get most of my carbs from veggies (as you will see). I was having more grains last week and it kind of threw my stomach out of whack, so it’s back to the veggies! This seems to be working much better for me! πŸ™‚

Meal #1

Bet you want to know what this is??!! Recipe will be posted tomorrow….and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!! WOW! I will give you a hint…Apples and Cinnamon….

Meal #2

Crustless Quiche (recipe will be posted soon!), with half an avocado, sweetened ricotta and some goji berries!

Meal #3

Post Workout ‘Cherries & Cream Milk Shake’! Yes, there is a recipe coming for this one too!

Meal #4

Powerbowl: ricotta, kale, roasted Brussels sprouts, chicken breast, hemp seeds and nutritional yeast! Yummy!

Meal #5

2 brown rice cakes withΒ  peanut butter and sweetened ricotta

Meal #6

BIG SALAD: butter lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini, avocado, ricotta, ground beef (96/4%). Need those veggies and the iron from the meat before my long run!

Meal #7

Dessert: sweetened ricotta, flax, cacao nibs, shredded coconut and cherries in a bowl! Yummy! πŸ™‚


This month we are also talking about the good habits we would like to create. Last week I said I wanted to work on maintaining balance in my life. So far, I think I have been doing a great job. I have spent more time with the boyfriend and baking, which were 2 areas that seemed to be falling short because both him and I were so busy! I also want to start incorporating a bit more time to read. Not blogs, lol, but actual books. I think this will be easier with the cooler weather coming because I won’t be itching to get outside as much!
I will update you next week and let you know how it goes!


*What is your healthy habit you are working on?

* What was your favorite meal yesterday?

*If you are prepping for a race, how do you alter your diet?

*Have you joined us in posting your food for WIAW? If not, click below to get all the details!


  1. What is nutritional yeast and what are the benefits or adding it to your diet! I am intrigued πŸ™‚

  2. I love giant salads! So filling and healthy. As usual, all your meals look delicious. I have never tried sweetened ricotta…will add that to the list:)

  3. This blog makes me hungry! πŸ˜‰ As for my healthy habit, consistency is my main goal. Meaning, eating all required meals without skipping. I have sometimes gotten so caught up in my work or day to day life, I’ve skipped a meal. I try to get something in, no matter what I’m doing.

    • Haha! I’m glad you enjoyed the food pictures! πŸ™‚ That is definitely a GREAT goal! I think we all get caught up doing things so often and food takes a back seat, which is not good! I can’t wait to hear about how you are being more conscious of getting your meals in! πŸ˜‰

      • It’s really just a matter of planning. I try to plan ahead. If I realize the following day will be busy or take me elsewhere, I pre-make or ensure, whatever it is I plan to eat is available. Of course, there are days I’ve slipped, but I am getting better.

        • Planning is definitely the key! I have always been an “over” planner! Which drives some nuts! lol But I am glad to hear you are making improvements! Have a great day!

  4. Haha, I feel like this is just a mean post–so many delicious-looking things promised ;D I want to try them all! Especially that cherries n’ cream shake. And the quiche. Okay, back to my previous statement of “all.” My healthy habit I need to work on is listening to my body rather than my mind to determine what foods are best for me!

    • Thanks so much Allie! I will be posting the recipes for the Cherries N Cream Shake and the quiche within the next week, so be on the look out! πŸ™‚

      It is really a hard habit to create to start listening to your body instead of what you are just craving! My recommendation is to set up a weekly meal plan and have all your meals written down so you know what you are going to eat. You can rationally plan it without waiting to last minute and feeling pressured to eat something unhealthy. Once you have done this for 2-4 weeks you will see and feel a HUGE difference in your body. THAT feeling will make you want to eat healthy and most of the cravings will have gone away.

      There is also a great book out called Intuitive Eating. I highly recommend it! I hope this helps! Let me know how it works outs for you! Have a great day!

      • Thanks for all the info Sarah! My main issue right now is struggling to switch from a vegan to vegetarian diet (mentally) to really support my weight training/fitness goals. I have a good meal plan, it just has to change to support a few new items. However, I have always been interested by the idea of intuitive eating, and I think that is what I would like to explore more of later down the road. Added that book to my Amazon cart πŸ™‚ It never hurts to learn more/have a wider scope of different diet and food options to find out what does work!

        • Oh yeah, that definitely sounds like a tough move! What changes have you started making already and what changes are you still striving for?? I have never been vegan or strict vegetarian (well, maybe for like a month when I was 14), but those nutrition plans always intrigue me! I have begun to start reading more about them and try to go vegetarian a few meals a week.

          • I changed it all up about a month ago to include multiple small meals, macro ratios that will support muscle growth, and to schedule carbs around workouts–unfortunately it relied heavily on legumes, which have not been agreeing with my stomach. So I’ve cut back to just one to two legume-based meals a day and am working on replacing those missing proteins with eggs or greek yogurt.

          • That definitely is a huge change! Whenever I make drastic changes to my diet my stomach always gets thrown off too. Especially when I incorporate too many grains! Over time your body will adjust though! I wish you the best! πŸ™‚


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