What I Ate Wednesday #3 In a 6.5 hour Drive!

What I Ate Wednesday #3 In a 6.5 hour Drive!

What I Ate Wednesday #3

Happy W.I.A.W fit followers! Today’s meals are a little scattered since I was stuck in the car for 6.5 hours! Which wouldn’t have been so bad, but the last hour was sitting in traffic to go 5 miles over the GWB!! Ugh, New York! But, being the fit chick that I am, I made sure I was stocked with clean eats in my cooler!! I packed a lot of the little treats/snack recipes that I have been working on to share with you, so be on the look out!!

Meal #1 – Breakfast

Homemade corn protein muffins (recipe coming) with fat free, low sodium Calabro ricotta cheese and coconut butter!


Meal #2 – Lunch

Packed a tuna sandwich on homemade protein bread! Low sodium tuna, greek yogurt, dijon and chia seeds mixed together and topped with arugula!


Meal #3 – Snack

Packed one of these cinnamon raisin muffins (recipe coming out tomorrow!) dedicated to my Sun Warrior friends!


Meal #4 – Dinner

Homemade BBQ shrimp salad with butter lettuce, corn, avocado,tomatoes,shrimp,greek yogurt, low sodium bbq sauce and cilantro


Meal #5 – Snack

And for dessert/bed time snack, some homemade cranberry bread topped with some sweetened ricotta!


*What snacks do you pack in your cooler for long trips?

*Did you have a healthy variety of food today?

and more importantly……

*Have you joined W.I.A.W yet??


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