What I Ate Wednesday #2

What I Ate Wednesday #2

What I Ate Wednesday #2

This weeks post will be much healthier than last weeks! 🙂 I have been back in the comfort of my own kitchen cooking up yummy dishes for myself…and you! Two of today’s meals include recipes that are coming to the ‘Ingredients Of A Fit Chick’ blog very soon….So look out!! Like we talked about last week, it is all about balance!! Although, today’s meals are looking a little unbalanced in the veggie department now that I am typing this…….you know what that means, lots of veggies tomorrow!

Meal 1

(I forgot to take a picture because I was running out the door to the gym)

I had a protein shake with coconut milk, protein powder, ricotta and raspberries….sounds weird, but it’s like a creamy milk shake! The recipe will be coming soon!

Meal 2

PB2 Banana Bread (recipe coming soon), 4 egg whites and some coconut butter to spread on my bread….delicious!!

Meal 3

Samples from my recipes that I was working on 😉 


Meal 4

Rhubarb Protein Pancakes (recipe coming soon), Ricotta and fresh raspberries


 Meal 5 

Wellshire Burger (from WholeFoods) on Deli Thin with Colby Cheese, Ketchup and a big bowl of zucchini!! Yum, Yum!

  Meal 6

Before bed snack…Siggi’s yogurt (my favorite is orange ginger) and almonds!

  I usually have a big bowl of veggies at lunch, but I was REALLY craving pancakes for some reason…and the berries are just so fresh and sweet that every time I open my fridge they scream my name! I also got in an amazing 6 mile run today and then had a killer chest/triceps/shoulder workout right after my delicious protein shake!

 **Do you ever find your meals are lacking in one area?

**What is your favorite food right now?? 

** Have you joined in WIAW yet??



  1. Gosh, can’t wait for those recipes! Following your blog to make sure I see when they’re up! 😉

    • Thankss for following me! One of the recipes is posted today! I am so excited to see a younger person caring about healthy food and fitness, while still enjjoying their youth! I’m excited to follow your journey! 🙂

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